Nautical Recreation

Seixal Bay is located in the river Tagus estuary, which extend its waters inland through a set of sea arms, forming small river islands in a wide marsh area and giving it a singular aspect.

With a wide river front, Seixal has all the conditions to be a perfect destination for the practice of nautical recreation. Not only because of its unique characteristics which form a natural port of refuge, but also because of its excellent localization near Lisbon.

The Seixal Bay Nautical Centre is in a developing stage with the purpose of providing a net support and a set of servicesavailable to local and visitors’ sailors, presenting the best conditions for docking and mooring in the bay. The equipment integrates a project for the valorization of the bay (only in portuguese) – “Plano de Valorização da Baía do Seixal”, and, it aims to stimulate nautical leisure activities, encompassing also the old urban centers.

At the present moment is already possible to enjoy from the pier dock, from the mooring system by buoying, from the hauling system, among other services related with the activity.

Learn more about the general access conditions in the Municipal Regulation for Utilization of Equipments, Infrastructures and Services of Seixal Bay Nautical Centre (only in portuguese) or consult the main issues in the FAQ section.

The sailors and others interested in water activities have all year long, several venues related with aquatic environment. For those who prefer spend their free time with other thematic, such as culture or knowing patrimony of the region, they may find in the municipality activities program a large range of interesting things to do: music concerts, dance, theater, exhibitions and visits to the patrimony in organized circuits.

There is also a great different gastronomic option, fish from our coast and also food from other places in Portugal, since Seixal has received many people migrated from all over the country.

Visit Seixal. Arrive in your leisure boat and enjoy from all conditions that the Seixal Bay Nautical Centre has at your disposal.

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