Which is the document who established the regulation for the management of the Seixal Bay Nautical Centre?
A: Municipal Regulation for Utilization of Equipments, Infrastructures and Services of Seixal Bay Nautical Centre (only in portuguese), published in “Diário da República”, 2ª Series, nº 229, of 27th of November of 2012. The knowledge of these regulations is mandatory to gain access to the equipments and nautical services.

What are the main designations and concepts having in mind whereas consulting the regulations?
A: Among others, should be considered the following concepts/designations:
- (Acostagem) DOCKING: act of docking or berth to a pier, or, to another vessel;
- (Amarração) MOORING: act of mooring/anchoring the vessels through a bottom weight and a floating buoys system;
- (Ancorar) ANCHORING: act of mooring using the anchor;
- (Cais de Acostagem): DOCKING PIER: floating equipment connected to a bridge pier, which allows vessels to moor/anchor or dock;
- (Fundeadouro) PLACE FOR MOORING: A set of points to berth the vessels, stabilized by a floating system which cables are tied to weights in the bottom, calculating distances between the vessels, according with each typology; The “Fundeadouro” belongs to the municipality, as well as its’ management (Sailor Support Service);
- (Poita) MOORING/ANCHORING SYSTEM: A private place for mooring/anchoring, tying down the vessels, stabilized by a weight in the bottom and a floating buoy system, in which the “Poita” is fabricated by an environment friendly and sustainable material, according the size and weight of each vessel. This system is exclusively a water-based moor/anchor berth for pleasure boats; the “Poitas” are private, belong to their owners or locators but they are also under the management of the municipality (Sailor Support Service);

The utilization of equipments is paid?
A: Yes. You should consult the document with prices and pay to the municipality at the moment of your authorization issue. You can pay in cash, check (issued to “Município do Seixal) or using any other mean available at the moment.

Where do I have to go to obtain authorization to use the equipment and pay for it? 
A: You may do it at the Sailor Support Service (situated in Seixal Bay Nautical Centre – Docking Pier).

Which are the main conditioning factors to obtain the docking or mooring/anchoring authorization?
A: It depends on the number of available posts at the moment and of its terminus in 31st of December of each civil year, as well as from the following utilization limits:
- Docking in the municipal pier it has a minimum duration of one hour e a maximum of thirty days on a roll per each pleasure boat;
- Mooring/Anchoring in municipal lashing buoys system it has a minimum duration of one day and a maximum of twelve months in a roll;
- The authorization for mooring using a private lashing buoys system it has a minimum duration of one month and a maximum of twelve months.

If there is no available place for my boat what can I do?
A: You may be integrated in a waiting list intended to authorize applications with plus than 30 days in a roll and less of 12 months. The attribution will be made by the order in the waiting list and according to the place available and adequate to the vessel characteristics’.

Can give a way my place to others?
A: No. Each vessel, correspond to a determinate place.

Can I just anchor my boat in the Seixal Bay?
A: You can, if you use the areas non correspondent to the “Fundeadouro” or “Poitas” from the Municipality; if you keep navigation channels free, and if, do not harm navigation, operations or docking and mooring/anchor maneuvers, as well as operations related to the shipyards’ work.

How do the users accede to the equipments?
A: For stays of one day only, the access is made through an access code, that you may ask for at the Sailor Support Service (the code will be changed each day between 09h00 and 10h00 am).
For stays of more than one day, the access is made through a magnetic card against payment of a money deposit, being the money returned when the card will be delivered to the Sailor Support Service.

How does the water and electricity supply works?
A: For stays of one day or more there are 60 minutes of water and electricity supply per day for each boat and their not accumulative. The access must be previously demanded to the Sailor Support Service.
A further access to electricity passing the daily period of 60 minutes it depends of a tax payment of 25% of the hourly price applied to leisure vessels, per each utilized hour, and, it cannot exceed 14 hours per day.

Do I have access to pump-out service and deposit for used oil collection?
A: Yes. Those services are available to all Nautical Centre users. The services are free of charge, but they must be previously demanded to the Sailor Support Service.

Is the hauling ramp lift available?
A: At the moment is unavailable.

Which are the main responsibilities of “poita” owner’s?
A: The owners of a “poita” are responsible for the “poita” capacity; for the “poita’s” maintenance and security; for kipping an adequate lashing system, preventing its’ and the boat security, as well as of the others vessels; Is responsible for the “poita’s” placement, properly identified and of a similar material to the used by the municipality “fundeadouro”; and also responsible for maintain valid the civil insurance.

Where can I place my “poita”?
A: There are areas properly defined for it and they will be indicated by the Sailor Support Service, according with the vessel characteristics. But before that you need to formally demand it to the Seixal Municipality.

Which are the main responsibilities of the equipment and services users?
A: The main responsibilities are:
- Having their authorizations validated and their payments up to date;
- Docking and mooring/anchoring their respective vessels in the places indicated by the Municipality, in perfect conditions of security, namely well attached with proper cables, correctly dimensioned and well maintained;
- Take all cautions to prevent risks of any kind, particularly the ones resulting from the weather conditions, from fire or theft;
- Respect all the Sailor Support Service indications;
- Keep vessels in perfect navigability conditions, cleaned and preserved;
- Respect the navigation corridors for a good circulation of vessels;
- Provide your telephone numbers and email to the Sailor Support Service, for an easy contact in case of emergency;
- Keep the vessel’s flag raised, in case of the foreigner vessels, must keep both Portuguese and provenience flags.

Can I moor/anchor two vessels in the same post?
A: No. Each mooring/anchor post belongs to one vessel only.

Can the municipality request the removal of my vessel?
A: Yes, in anyone of these following situations established in the regulation:
- In case of violation of the obligations and duties established in the Municipal regulation for Utilization of Equipments, Infrastructures and Services of Seixal Bay Nautical Centre;
- In case of maintenance, preservation or operability in the water surface, in case of bad weather conditions or other possible justified circumstances; 
- In case the vessel being moored/anchored or docked in a way that is detrimental to the normal function of the Nautical Centre, or, in case of any damage the vessel may have, which is not possible of a quick repair;

Which are the main consequences in case of disrespect of the municipal regulation?
A: - In case of non-compliance of the regulation; 
- In case of any behavior from the clients cause damage to other people or assets integrity; 
- In case of damage to the security and to decency, or, disobedience to the sailors and municipality workers on duty at the Sailor Support Service but, without civil or criminal responsibility;
That will imply the refusal or cancelation of all authorizations granted and the prohibition of docking or mooring/anchoring for a period of 12 months, among other sanctions.

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